My project is simple, basically make a feature for the DHIS connector module to export period indicator reports and underlying metadata alongside the DHIS connector mapping files and then to import them back again.

I wrote two pseudo functions first before going into coding with no plan.

What’s up everybody? How’s it going? The past week has been my first week in GSoC and I’ve been trying to figure out how the functionality in the metadata sharing module works as I’m trying to use those functions and integrate them into the DHIS connector module. In the first few days, I couldn’t find where the period indicator reports — which is the report type associated with the DHIS connector module — I’ve created are shown in the metadata sharing module and was trying to find out how to export them using the sharing module. I figured it out eventually and made this video explaining how to export and import period indicator reports from one instance to another. Hope you guys will find this useful. Till next time, Good Bye!!

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Let’s cut the crap, I can’t think of a good way to start this shit, you know brain dead hours. Let’s just jump right into it. Yeah you clicked on it, you already know the topic of todays article, Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the cool-guy-hero of the software development world, I present you Docker!!

First thing, Installing Docker. Follow this link, Download the file, Install, Run the application. All cool? Got it all? Let’s move on.

Note: We have to keep docker desktop app running in the background every time we use docker, even when using it on terminal. …

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Here we are again my dear same 10 people who read my articles, I’m back with another react article. This time it’s on using contexts as a solution for prop drilling. All right before we drill down deep (yeah, pun intended) into the subject, just like in all of my articles a little back story on why and how I ended up using contexts.

The major focus in our SEF dev team for last few weeks was on developing a platform to make ScholarX mentor/mentee registration and selection process automated. So in the frontend, as we let users sign in…

It’s 15.17 here in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

For our upcoming project in SEF, “ScholarX”, we got to provide users with a single-sign-in method to log onto the platform. Have never used firebase before, the goal is to build a web app using firebase and React. Let’s go.

Future me:- This is the simple web app I built in a single sitting while writing this article.

15.54 -

Created a new project in firebase. UI experience is remarkable. Got into a dashboard, let’s see what happens here.

Firebase Test Project

18.08 -

Delved a little deep into the subject, apparently, I have to create…

Ant Design, A great UI library you said, right? Well, I have a different opinion. CUSTOMIZATION!!!!!! for god's sake. How is a developer supposed to add custom styles to those perfectly functioning components? Tell me what you have done about that Ant people? (Hih! ant people) You expect us to use those components with the same exact Ant-design-pre-build styles??

That’s enough drama for one article. Storytime! At SEF, we use Ant Design as our primary UI library to build our react+typescript UIs. It was a perfect fit until we stumbled upon this new project called “AcademiX”. When we first started…

All right where do we start? If you are in here just for the code start from the next paragraph! Peace!. Let’s start with a bit of a back story — Kids! back in 2005, before I was dad, I was this whole other person… Oh, wait, I’m not Ted. Let me switch back to my story — As I’m volunteering as a SE in an open-source organization called Sustainable Education Foundation, I was assigned into a project where I had to build a CRUD application to be functioned as the admin panel for the SEF — Sustainable Education Foundation…

Heshan Andrews

Computer Science Freshman at University of Colombo, School of Computing

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