Bringing everything into one place — GSoC Week 7

The feature that I implemented for the DHIS connector module, which is to export and import DHIS mapping files with the underlying metadata is completed and under review. But still the job is not over, currently in the openmrs DHIS connector module we have separate tabs to manage mappings, create mappings, upload mappings and another one to export mappings. So the functionalities that is done on the same type of metadata is scattered making high levels of user experiences a tad bit difficult to achieve. As I had planned in the last week my intention was to bring everything together into a single dashboard that can satisfy all of your DHIS mappings needs in one place 😂

So I went ahead and merged the export mappings tab and upload mappings tab into the manage mappings UI. Now it looks a bit cluttered but hey it gets the job done with fewer clicks. Now it’s much more simpler than to what it was.

Improved DHIS manage mappings UI

Finishing that now I’m waiting eagerly to get my previous PR merged and send these changes to be reviewed and merged. The next week I’ll be trying to enhance this feature a bit by letting the users pick if they want to export the period indicator reports with the mapping or not. Could add a simple checkbox over here in this dashboard and catch the input as a boolean in the backend to achieve that, simple right?

That’s it for this one folks, thanks for reading. Oh shoot almost forgot, here’s the progress demo video I made for this week. Click on it, it’s just 30 seconds 😜

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