Community Bonding Period — GSoC 2021

Heshan Andrews
1 min readJul 14, 2021

Pleased to say that my proposal on improving export import feature for openMRS reporting module has been accept as one of the 11 gsoc projects this year at openmrs.

The community bonding period was supposed to be a time period where we introduced ourselves to the community and get to know our mentors among other developers and maintainers in the organisation.

From December last year onwards I’ve been in touch with openmrs, joining weekly squad meetings, doing issues in DHIS connector module. So it wasn’t that much of an effort for me to get into the community. So far it has been so good.

Few things that I did before the proposal getting approved,

  1. Introduced myself in the “Welcome” thread on openmrs talk:
  2. Created a thread to gather requirement on the project:
  3. Setup OpenMRS on my local machine
  4. Send/Review pull requests
  5. Join OpenMRS covid squad calls

I’ll see you on the next one, till then bye!!

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