Pushing beyond the requirement — GSoC Week 9

Just letting users upload and download mappings bundles with period indicator reports is sufficient to call this project completed. That’s what was in the proposal, but since I had that implemented, reviewed and merged as a fully functioning feature by the 9th week I had some time to think and see how I can improve the functionality. One thing that has been in the back of my mind from the start was to find a way to let users decide if they wanna just deal with mappings or they just want the entire bundle with everything underneath. And when you really think of it, it’s not actually a difficult addition to be made. You just have to take the user input somehow, a boolean, (“YOU WANT THE ADDITIONAL METADATA OR NOT?” 🤣), pass that boolean in to the backend and at that level its just a matter of wrapping the current code inside a conditional if-else block. So I went ahead and had a chat with my mentor about the idea I have, made a ticket for this in jira, marked it as an improvement and started working on it right away.

The ticket,

The pull request,

For the next week Im gonna improve the import mappings function by letting the users decide if they wanna replace the existing metadata if a match is found or not.

See next week. Bye.

Ooh almost forgot, here my 40 second video clip on how it works right now. (Whispers) Click on it.



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