The first increment — GSoC Week 3


I started this week on my gsoc side of things with two pesudo functions at my disposal to get into actually coding. So as was planned I went into implementing the functions.

At first there were some issues that I had to face because I kept getting an error after error. But somehow with the help of my mentor, Kaweesi Jospeh, and hours of debugging I finally got it to export a DHIS mapping with the corresponding Period Indicator Report and import them back to a different instance.

Now the next step is to add all the underlaying metadata that needs to be available for the period indicator report to run into the same bundle and amend the import function to get them properly persisted.

Here’s a little demo on how the functions work at the first increment of things.

Gotta long way to go man. Till next time.

Computer Science Freshman at University of Colombo, School of Computing